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We provide more energy for them and more profit for you.
We provide sophisticated technology which makes our products unique
We focus on productivity, gains and animal welfare.
We provide successful vaccination programs to meet the needs of each specific farm
We provide innovative solutions which grantee maximum profits .
Peacock International Corporation for feed additives and vaccine Our Products
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Peacock International Corporation

is an enterprise veterinary pharmaceutical company specialized in distribution of feed additives , Vaccines and Genetics , for multinational veterinary companies.
The company is established in 2005 by Dr. Raed Abo El Soud who is the director and the founder Dr. Raed Abo El Soud is a veterinarian and has a diversified broad experience in both veterinary and human pharmaceutical industry in both Egyptian and Gulf markets, this earned experience which exceeds 25 years supports and strengthen the company position in the market

Message From Chairman

Dear Visitor, I am delighted to welcome you on behalf of myself and all of my colleagues to Peacock International Corporation’s new website, where you can read up-to-date information on our company , its present activities and its plans for the future. Peacock International Corporation’s vision was always to be more than a distributor. Rather, we are partners with our customers helping them to run better businesses. We offer an extensive selection of unique, innovative , Quality products from multinational companies exclusively distributed. We are proud of the fact that Peacock International Corporation is a specialized company searching for innovation and our main goal is to help the veterinary community with innovative products


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