What is Bergafat®  ?

 Rumen-protected fat

   Fractionated palm fat In granular form with a high percentage of Palmitic acid ( minimum 75% ). Bergafat® without a carrier are the new generation of rumen-stable fats.

Being 100 % pure fat and unsaponified and supplies 100 % energy.

Bergafat®, has neither smell nor taste ,  So it has a positive effect on the animals’ feeding drive and thus their feed uptake.

BergaFat® :  More milk , more fat , greater fertility and better feed conversion 

Species : Dairy , Beef cattle


BergaFat for Ruminants

Pure energy for cows in high-performance  and early lactation cows :

In order to make modern milk production profitable it is essential to provide additional energy, since high-milking cows and cows in the early phase of lactation expend more energy on milk production than they can take in with their feed. The animals’ organism draws the energy it lacks from the body’s own fat reserves. This may result in metabolic disorders and reduced fertility. To prevent this and at the same time ensure a high milk yield the cows must be provided with extra energy through their feed. The only way to offer the animals additional energy is to provide fat in a rumen-stable form, either as a top dressing or in the feed concentrate.

Description of BergaFat :

Our fat-granules product  without a carrier are the new generation of rumen-stable fats. Being  100 %  pure fat.

 BergaFat has a higher energy content than calcium soaps, since these contain up to 20 % calcium and thus up to 20 % less energy.

What is more, the smell and taste of the feed are not impaired; this has a positive effect on the animals’ feeding drive and thus their feed uptake.

Sophisticated technology makes BergaFat unique

Unlike the calcium soaps, BergaFat works without any synthetic protection at all. In the production process, high-melting fat fractions that are rumen-stable by nature are isolated by physical separation.

The fatty acids in BergaFat are saturated to the point where they no longer impair the microbes of the rumen.

 On the contrary: the saturated fatty acids in BergaFat T-300 relieve the burden on the rumen; they do not have to be hydrogenated and therefore meet the nutritional requirements of the high-milking cows. These fats reach the small intestine unchanged, where they are broken down enzymatically and used as energy.


Benefits  of BergaFat  T-300 for ruminants

  • Increases the quantity of milk and milk fat at a constant protein level.
  • Counteracts loss of body weight
  • Reduces the risk of ketosis
  • Increases fertility, lifetime productivity and length of life .
  • Improves the quality of the pellet feed in feed mills .
  • Increase C16:0 is an important component of milk fat .
  • Enhances the meat quality of beef cattle

Features of BergaFat T-300 for ruminants

  • Purely vegetable source of energy
  • No carrier: energy solely from fat
  • Unsaponified and entirely organic
  • High palmitic acid content
  • Rumen-stable
  • Stable when silage is used in the TMR
  • Energy from fat according to needs
  • Readily digestible; uniform particle size
  • Produced from renewable raw materials
  • Physiologically sound.


BergaFat  T300  increases the quantity and the fat content of milk.

The quantity of protein and fat is increased, while the percentage of protein remains the same.

Cows that were given BergaFat T-300 lost less weight  and picked up weight again more quickly than the animals in the control group.

This resulted in 26 % better fertility.

Dosage of BergaFat            

Dairy Cows

  • Milk Yield  5000  :     50 – 100 gm / day / cow
  • Milk Yield 5000 – 8000 : 100 – 200 gm / day / cow
  • Milk Yield ≥ 8000 :       200 – 400 gm / day / cow
Effect of BergaFat T- 300 on the fertility of high-milking dairy cows