LipoAktiv L – Met 60®


Rumen-Protected Methionin

LipoAktiv L – Met 60®  is Rumen-protected methionine palm stearin coating , L- Methioninee content  not less than 60%

We have combined our extensive knowledge of fluidised bed technology and fat processing to upgrade feed additives with a fat coating. This ensures the stability of the additive for an extended period, prevents premature release and enables targeted nutritional supplementation.

 Species :  Dairy cattle , Beef cattle , Sheep


LipoAktiv L – Met 60®

Rumen-Protected Methionin
LipoAktiv L – Met 60® is a rumen-protected Methionin . The Methionin is coated with fractionated fat.

Expected Benefits
  • High milk yield and milk solids
  • Improves protein utilization
  • Lessens dairy’s environmental impact
  • Improved health

Mode of Action
LipoAktiv L – Met 60® balances the amino acid profile of the ration.

Nutritional Value
• Net Energy Lactation (NEL) approximate 3,100 kcal/kg
• Methionine 60 %
• Dry Matter 98.0%
• Rumen-Stability at any pH 75% – 80% (16hours)
•  Digestibility 98% – 99%

Dosage Guideline
The dosage of the individual LipoAktiv L – Met 60® depends on the feed stuffs, grains, cereals, meals used in the rations. Please contact our Berg + Schmidt dairy professionals for individual consultation on usage of amino acids in your ration.
LipoAktiv L – Met 60®  :

  • Dairy Cattle 10-20 gm /cow/day
  • Beef Cattle 15-35gm /cow/day
  • Sheep 3-20 gm /cow/day

Usage and Application :
LipoAktiv L – Met 60® can be fed via Total Mixed Ration (TMR) or by top dressing . It can be used in premixes and concentrates.

Storage and Shelf life

Store at  (5 C – 30 C) cool and dry place, protected from water, sunlight, heat. and validity  12 month after date of production

20kg PE bag in carton on pallets